Episode 1 : The introduction

This episode is about "who are these guys?"
Lets find out!

Episode 2 : First Steps Of Dating

This episode is about "The Dating Life" Lets find out!

Episode 3: Becoming An Adult

In this episode Keindo an Nigel discuss what it means to become an adult and all the reasons why age is not just a number. We can all agree or disagree on this topic, let's find out ........

Episode 4: First/ Worst Experiences

There are the best of times and the worst of times, we all had them. In this episode Nigel and Keindo reveal the highs and lows of their lives ......Let's see!

Episode 5: The First Annual S.T.I.Y.L Award Show

Nigel an Keindo bring to you the first annual music award show featuring your favourite artist of all time ..... See who comes home with this prestigious freaking award. Sit back and enjoy!

Episode 6 : The S.T.I.Y.L Music Award Show (Part 2)

This is the continuation of this very prestigious award that so many have fought for, The S.T.I.Y.L Music award show. Our host Nigel and Keindo are thrilled to hand out the award that make and break artist. And the nominees are....

Episode 7: The Guide To Following Your Dreams

In this final episode for Season One, these two unprofessional studs give you the secrets on living, maintaining and following your dreams. Please listen carefully, you just might learn something!