about us

Meet Keindo, many would say he has a voice for radio…well at least that’s what his mom tells him.  An 80’s baby, he was born in Montreal, and raised in Toronto.  When he’s not playing ball and drinking beers with the broskis or enjoying the finer things in life; you can find him in the booth talking gibberish and answering some of your million-dollar (or burning) questions.

Alas, Keindo’s life is complete when he meets 2000’s baby, Nigel!

A Toronto born music nerd finessing his way into the podcast industry. Nigel is ready to bless your earholes with monk-like knowledge and random references; he reaffirms that the year 2000 remains undefeated. Nigel enjoys nuggets, spearmint gum, and long walks while contemplating the very existence of our being.


Both Keindo and Nigel’s uncompromising passion for nuggets has forged a radio/podcast presence unlike any other.

With Nigel embarking on this new journey of being in his 20s and Keindo in his 40s the two thought it would be more than wise to join forces and discuss life through their eyes..tackling topics such as dating, music, sports, social norms, creativity, dreams, and failures…and of course (with the age/era gap) some disagreements are to be expected.  Their experiences and perspectives will help listeners better understand themselves as we can ALL relate to certain issues and there are always lessons to be learned in life.  

So…This Is Your Life.